Terms and Conditions

McKesson Europe (hereinafter referred to as the Company) shall make the website of the Company (hereinafter referred to as the Website) available to internet users. The Website is to provide general information on the Company and its business products. This Website should in no way be used as a medium for consultation, in particular for medical consultation or advice regarding the purchase or sale of stocks. Nor does this Website represent any offer for the purchase or sale of stocks.

This Website contains a list of financial analysts which in the past have issued ratings, assessments and recommendations with respect to McKesson Europe AG. McKesson Europe AG does not assume any liability as to the completeness or actuality of such list. Nomination of a financial analyst does not imply any adoption or confirmation of or liability for any statement made by such analyst with respect to McKesson Europe AG. The absence of names of financial analysts effectively covering McKesson Europe AG does not imply any denial of such analyst´s statement.

The access and use of the Website are subject to these terms and conditions and also to the relevant statutes. The accessing and use of the Website signifies unqualified acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Company.


Copyright 2003 McKesson Europe AG. All rights reserved. The content, including images and the design of the Website are subject to the protection of the copyright and other laws protecting intellectual property. The content of the pages may not be distributed or changed; the so-called framing and other measures are not allowed. McKesson Europe permits the viewing and downloading of materials contained on the Website only for private, non-commercial use only, as well as for the purpose of compiling editorial reports about McKesson Europe AG and its events, provided that reference is made to the copyright and ownership rights. Without the express agreement of McKesson Europe, the content of the Website including the text, images, video and audio material cannot be distributed, amended, broadcast, reused or published on websites for public or commercial purposes that do not serve to promote the editorial reports, unless this is not permitted by law.


All the business names of the Company and its affiliates and all the names of the products produced and/or supplied, and the services offered by the Company and its affiliates are - regardless of whether they are labelled as a trademark or not - registered or unregistered industrial property rights, either of the Company and its affiliates, their licensers, their joint venture partners or their suppliers, unless they have a special designation.

No licence or other right to such an industrial property right may be granted in any way with regard to this Website without the express written consent of the owner of the respective industrial property rights.

The use of the industrial property right is expressly forbidden and constitutes a violation of the copyright law, the trademark law or other laws, unless it is permitted by these terms and conditions. It should be noted that the Company will vigorously protect all rights with respect to the Website and its content, in particular with regard to its intellectual property, including the institution of penal measures.

Licensing rights

The Company allows the viewing and downloading of the material contained on the Website only for private, non-commercial use, on condition that reference is made to the relevant copyright and proprietary notices in the event of reproduction of the material. The content of the Website including text, images, sound and video material must not be either distributed, modified, transmitted, reused or published for public or commercial purposes, to the extent this is not allowed by law, without the express agreement of the Company.


The Company shall check that all information on the Website is correct, complete and up-to-date. The Company takes no responsibility for this, however, and is not responsible for any errors or omissions as regards content. The content on this Website is provided to the exclusion of any guarantee and liability. The use of this Website and the communication using it are at the user's own risk.

Links from this Website to Websites of third parties are not to be interpreted as an endorsement by the Company for the relevant companies, their products or services. The Company has not checked all the Websites of third parties, and accepts no responsibility for the content found therein or any other links. The use of a link is at the user's own risk. In addition the Company is not responsible for data protection measures taken by the providers of these Websites.

Neither the Company nor third parties involved in the installation, creation or transmission of the Website shall be held responsible for any damage (including any virus infestation of your computer), which might arise as a result of accessing the Website or the possible or impossible use of the Website.


If you are asked to provide personal data, this allow to, for example, fulfil your information requirements. However, giving this data is voluntary. Please read our regulations for data protection. If you provide us with any other content and information via the Website or by e-mail (hereinafter referred to as transmissions), theses are not deemed to be confidential and are not protected by copyright or property rights. The Company and its affiliates may use any transmission for any purpose, including reproduction, disclosure, transmission and publication.

The posting of any menacing, offensive, libellous, defamatory, immoral or otherwise illegal content to this Website or from this Website is forbidden.

The Company reserves the right to update and modify these terms and conditions at any time with immediate effect. Any user should therefore view the Website regularly for the respective current version of these terms and conditions.