CR Reporting

Corporate Responsibility reporting gives us a 360 degree view of our business. This is an important step to improve our sustainability performance and to be accountable to our stakeholders. We report our measures and objectives regularly.

For the third time, McKesson has published a joint Corporate Responsibility Report for its businesses in the USA, Canada and Europe. The report shows the progress of the company’s corporate responsibility (CR) activities and offers insights into McKesson's understanding of how to address environmental challenges as a global leader in the healthcare sector.

Find McKesson's Corporate Responsibility Report FY20.

Find McKesson's Corporate Responsibility Report FY19 in English and German.

You can find McKesson's Corporate Responsibility Report FY18 in the English version, the French version and in the German version here.

You can find the  Corporate Responsibility Report FY17 by McKesson Europe here.