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Together, we are committed to patients and their well-being: with logistics know-how, pharmaceutical expertise, local presence – and the great commitment of our employees.

We are celebrating our Community Heroes back to top

We are celebrating our Community Heroes

In addition to their work at McKesson, many of our colleagues support valuable charitable initiatives in their free time. We are proud of this – and support projects with up to $2,500 as part of our Community Heroes program.

Meet this year's Community Heroes from McKesson Europe:

We aim for a sustainable use of IT devices back to top

We aim for a sustainable use of IT devices

At McKesson Europe we see discarded IT devices not as waste, but as a resource – our phased-out devices could be used by someone else, or its raw materials could be used to produce other products. Together with our partner ‘AfB – Social and Green IT’, we are minimizing electronic waste.  

At AfB, people with and without disabilities work together to offer high-quality IT services and products. Through this cooperation we not only protect the environment, but also contribute to creating jobs for people with disabilities in the long term. 

On average, we renew our electronic devices in the company every five years. In order to guarantee that equipment is meaningfully re-used and disposed of in a sustainable way, we have decided to work together with AfB.

Rolf Studinsky, Head of Service Delivery McKesson Europe AG
We give products a second life   back to top

We give products a second life  

In Slovenia and Portugal, we support patients and communities by giving products a second chance: A small mistake on the packaging text on 1,700 plaster packs made the products unsaleable. Instead of throwing the otherwise unscathed products away, our colleagues from OCP Portugal donated them to a charitable organization that helps improve care in countries in need. 

Our Slovenian colleagues are also actively campaigning against the waste of medical products: OTC products that have received minor damage to the outer packaging and are therefore unfortunately unsaleable have been donated to a local charitable organization.  

Thank you, Team Portugal and Team Slovenia - You have made a valuable contribution to our planet and our communities.