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WZ®-WundZentrum Augsburg celebrates 10 year anniversary

Düsseldorf / Augsburg, May 1st, 2021. Today marks the 10 year anniversary of WZ-WundZentrum in Augsburg. For a decade, people with chronic and difficult-to-heal wounds in Augsburg and the surrounding area have been able to receive outpatient treatment from specialists in wound care treatment.

“We are very proud to be able to celebrate this milestone anniversary in Augsburg. We have been able to successfully treat over 70,000 wounds in the past 10 years at this location alone,” says André Lantin, managing director and founder of WZ-WundZentren GmbH.

Focus on the patient

The WZ-WundZentren are specialised centers with the highest hygienic and professional standards, in which only patients with chronic and / or difficult-to-heal wounds are cared for. Specialist nurse and manager of WZ-WundZentrum, Heidi Jodl and her team take time to understand the extensive medical history of their patients before providing advice and delivering treatment. Jodl has worked in the WundZentrum from the very beginning and collaborates closely with the MVZ for surgery, orthopedics at the Vincentinum and the specialist in surgery, WTcert and AZMW (academically certified wound manager) according to Kammerlander, Dr. Jan Bühring as medical partner. “We were also able to successfully build up a close cooperation with the Vincentinum Clinic in Augsburg,” says Jodl.

For the treatment of chronic abscesses, such as acne inversa and other forms of acne, the innovative lAight® therapy has been offered in Augsburg since 2017.

The primary goal of treatment at the WZ-WundZentrum is to enable wounds to heal quickly and thereby enable the patient to live a symptom-free life. Everyone, including those with statutory health insurance, is entitled to this service, which means that health insurance companies reimburse the benefits. It should be emphasized that there has been a very successful and close cooperation with AOK Bavaria for many years in order to be able to offer patients the best possible comprehensive care.

Further information on services and contact options for making appointments at the Augsburg site can be found at https://www.wundzentren.de/augsburg

About WZ®-WundZentren GmbH

Since 2008, more than 30,000 patients at 22 locations in Germany have been successfully treated with the proven treatment concept of the WZ-WundZentren. On average, patients have been suffering from their chronic or difficult-to-heal wounds for over twelve months. In the majority of patients, wound closure was achieved in less than four months during treatment in one of the WZ wound care centers. For those affected, this means the end of a treatment odyssey that often lasts for years and a significant improvement in their quality of life.

WZ-WundZentren GmbH, based in Düsseldorf, is a company of the recucare group.

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