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McKesson further improves its environmental impact

For the second time, McKesson has published a joint Corporate Responsibility Report for its businesses in the USA, Canada and Europe. The report shows the progress of the company’s corporate responsibility (CR) activities and offers insights into McKesson's understanding of how to address environmental challenges as a global leader in the healthcare sector.

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“For us, corporate responsibility means better health for our planet and people everywhere. Our employees contribute to this goal by working every day to use our economic, environmental and social resources thoughtfully and responsibly. The Corporate Responsibility Report shines a spotlight on their achievements in the last fiscal year”, says Kevin Kettler, Chairman of the Management Board of McKesson Europe.

Highlights of McKesson’s Corporate Responsibility Report

One highlight shown in the FY 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report is the substantial reduction in the employee air travel of McKesson, which led to an 11% decrease in CO2 emissions compared to FY 2018. In addition, emissions from purchased and consumed electricity and long-distance heating consumption decreased by 3% from FY18.

Another strong result has been achieved by McKesson’s Six Sigma programme: In FY 2019, McKesson completed 405 Six Sigma projects, which resulted in more than USD 160 million in cost savings and avoidance across the company, its suppliers and customers. The measures taken contributed to a reduction in waste and resource consumption and further improved patient safety.

In addition, McKesson has also implemented measures to reduce water consumption in FY 2019. By expanding smart irrigation programs to five sites, the company saved enough water to fill 4.4 Olympic swimming pools each year.

McKesson’s Fiscal 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report covers the company’s CR activities from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019 in all countries of operation and has been prepared in accordance with the “Core” version of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.

McKesson’s Fiscal 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report is available here.

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