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McKesson Europe takes another important step towards 2030 carbon neutral target

McKesson Europe has launched a driver training program to encourage an eco-friendly driving style to achieve CO2 reductions of at least 3% per kilometer driven. This contributes to the healthcare company’s carbon neutral target.

As a leading pharmaceutical distributor and retail pharmacy company, McKesson Europe employs many drivers who ensure that medicines reach patients wherever and whenever they need them. This essential role in healthcare has environmental consequences; Of the company’s total carbon emissions, over 60% stem from the thousands of deliveries made every day, so the way that lorries and vans are driven can have a major impact on McKesson’s environmental footprint.

Driving in an eco-efficient way

Kristin Vorbohle, McKesson Europe’s head of sustainability, says: “Because patients depend on us to get their medicines, reducing the number of journeys we make isn’t always an option. However, we are very aware of our environmental responsibility so we’ve identified that educating our drivers and encouraging them to adopt an eco-friendly driving style will make a significant difference to our carbon footprint.”

In the training session, colleagues learn more about the ideal preparation for a trip, the eco-friendly set-up of the van and environmentally-conscious behavior on the road.

The first area of the business to embark on the training program was McKesson UK whose employed drivers will all be trained by the end of this month. Within this fiscal year, McKesson Europe aims to train around 3700 internal and external van drivers, management car and sales fleet drivers across five countries.

Kristin Vorbohle continues: “By applying this environmentally-friendly driving style among our colleagues, we aim to reduce our emissions from our internal fleet by at least 3% per kilometer driven. And what’s wonderful is that besides the eco-effect, regular training will also increase the safety of our drivers on the roads. It’s a win-win.”

Development of a low carbon fleet

In addition to the training program, McKesson Europe is implementing further measures to create a low carbon fleet: In France, for example, a pilot has tested the use of e-vehicles and gas trucks very successfully. In Belgium, route optimization programs have achieved strong results.

As Kristin Vorbohle concludes: “Alternative fleet solutions are part of our sustainability agenda for the coming years.”

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