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LloydsApotek partners with Skinfo to increase transparency around skin care ingredients

LloydsApotek has announced the first community pharmacy collaboration with Skinfo which provides increased information around the content of its skin care range.

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Customers today are more interested in and more aware of the content of skin care products. Skinfo delivers independent and impartial information based on scientific evidence for more than 30,000 ingredients that enables consumers to fully understand the content of cosmetic products. LloydsApotek has launched a partnership with Skinfo that provides greater transparency regarding the content of its skin care range.

"We work daily for better health and want to be able to offer our customers new ways of achieving that. Skin care is one of our most important categories and this work enables us to offer our customers a deeper understanding of their skin health.  Establishing a partnership with Skinfo feels to us a natural next step in providing added value to our customers with greater transparency of skincare ingredients,” says Helena Tolf, self-care manager at LloydsApotek.

The collaboration means that customers can visit the product pages of to see how and with what skin care products are produced. In addition, customers can save ingredients or properties to their online personal settings which are automatically visible when they return to the site, which helps them easily discover substances they either can't tolerate or especially desire in products.

"We are very pleased with the cooperation with LloydsApotek, which will be the first pharmacy chain in Sweden to introduce product transparency and lead with openness. An important step for the industry and a big win for consumers that will be easier to make informed decisions about their skin health," says Lena Skiba, CEO Skinfo.

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