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CPM distributes COVID-19 vaccines in Monaco

From 29 December 2020, Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Comptoir (CPM) has been receiving, storing, managing, defrosting, preparing and distributing the first vaccine vials from the Pfizer/BioNTech laboratory on behalf of the Government of Monaco.

CPM, a subsidiary of French pharmaceutical distribution market leader OCP Group, and the Principality of Monaco continue their collaboration in the management of the health crisis by organising the distribution of vaccines against COVID-19 (PFIZER for the moment, MODERNA, ASTRA ZENECA) to protect the residents of Monaco.

The OCP Group is ready and prepared to put its resources, pharmaceutical logistics expertise and nationwide distribution network at the disposal of the Ministry of Health to ensure the delivery of vaccines, drawing on CPM's experience in Monaco.

These first vaccines were delivered quickly and safely to Monaco. Further deliveries are planned to support the vaccination campaign planned by the Principal Government. At this stage, CPM has received 975 vials, or about 5,000 doses. 10,000 complementary doses  of the  Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine are expected in Monaco.

Successful distribution of a brand new vaccine technology requires many precautions. Frédéric LAUGERETTE, responsible pharmacist and director of CPM, says:  "Everything must be meticulously organized and anticipated and requires an operation that we have fully designed for this purpose. We needed to learn everything about the product, its specificities, its constraints, and to create new pharmaceutical procedures to have the ability to manage and control all the steps necessary to maintain the integrity of the vaccine. The first two vaccines available are particularly complex, they must be stored and handled under unprecedented conditions; for example, it is essential that they are kept immobile and their transport time is very limited. 

"This is the first time in the pharmaceutical supply chain that we have been required to manage such products. This is a great first that makes us very proud."

In France, at a time when the vaccination campaign has just begun, the exclusive deployment of CPM in Monaco signals great prospects for the pharmaceutical distribution company that is also ready to contribute to the public health effort if the French Government deems it appropriate.

As the establishment of vaccination centers are under consideration and pharmacists could play a major role in the expansion of the vaccination campaign, pharmaceutical distribution players could be a valuable support.

About OCP
OCP is a leader of a profession whose standards and missions are long defined. The company is the indispensable link between pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacists by providing pharmaceutical logistics and efficient services that enable them to fulfil their role as health professionals. Today, the company, led by its president Hubert OLIVIER, employs 3,200 people throughout France and has almost 32% market share. OCP distributes 2 million boxes of medicines daily to 16,000 customer pharmacies (including 2,000 hospital pharmacies), from a range of 36,000 available referrals and a territorial network of 43 establishments.

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