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The pictures on this page are available free of charge in a resolution of 300 dpi which is best suited for printing. If the photos are published, McKesson Europe is to be named as source. 

Management Board

Kevin Kettler
Chairman of the Management Board
Labour Relations Director
Member of the Management Board

Kevin Kettler (JPG 3.1 MB)

Tilo Köster
Member of the Management Board
Legal and Compliance

Tilo Köster (JPG 2.5 MB)


Our innovative pharmacy concept

EPN concept, interior
Pharmacy, interior (JPG 3.5 MB)

This picture shows a customer receiving a skin analysis.

Skin analysis
Our concept focuses on skin care
Skin analysis (JPG 4 MB)

img - Close-up Hände Apothekerin

A pharmacist explains the medication
Medication (JPG 3.8 MB)


GEHE-Mitarbeiter sortiert Medikamente an Fließband

Pharmaceutical wholesale
Warehouse (JPG 5.6 MB)

GEHE-Mitarbeiter bei Beschriftung der Medikamente

Pharmaceutical wholesale
Warehouse, fast-moving goods
Warehouse, shelves (JPG 5.6 MB)


Rowa is an innovative system to automatically store and retrieve items

Rowa system
Rowa is an automated system, guaranteeing intelligent storage
Rowa system (JPG 6.2 MB)

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Videos to provide insights into the world of McKesson Europe.

Mood film for McKesson Europe