The Golden Gate Bridge is a landmark of San Francisco.
The Golden Gate Bridge is a landmark of San Francisco.
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Working by the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars and steep urban canyons – this is what everyone pictures when they think of the city of San Francisco. But what is it really like to live and work in the city? Gerald Jung is finding out right now. Since April 2015 he has been working as Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at the McKesson headquarters.

“The city makes it very easy to feel good,” says Gerald Jung. “People are friendly, the climate is pleasant and in the evening you can go jogging and see the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset.” 

And it is not just the city that has won him over. His extremely helpful colleagues have also made it easy for him to step into his new job. He and his team work mainly on profitability and modelling. He keeps an eye on the performance of the business units and their impact on the earnings per share (EPS). In addition, he coordinates the forecast of other influencing factors on profitability, for example, the outstanding McKesson shares, the tax rate or interest expenses. 

Our department is very strategically focused and we work closely with the business units.

Gerald Jung, Director Financial Planning und Analysis

Since April 2015 Gerald Jung has been working at the McKesson headquarters in San Francisco.
Since April 2015 Gerald Jung has been working at the McKesson headquarters in San Francisco.

Although his previous role at Celesio was similar, he can still notice differences: tasks at McKesson are very clearly defined and his colleagues in San Francisco are more specialised than his colleagues in the finance department in Stuttgart. “We have a good overview of operations, which is very exciting. Though at first I had to learn loads of abbreviations,” he explains. The elements he loves about his job are the stronger orientation on the capital market and “the direct line to James Beer”, the CFO of the McKesson Corporation.

There are no team meetings and telephone conferences after 3 p.m., which seems an odd rule at first glance. However, when you realise that the different McKesson sites are located in different time zones across the USA, you see that it’s the only way to have a joint meeting. Furthermore, mobile working is considered to be very important, so it’s rare that all the team members are in the office at the same time. 

The Californian lifestyle

But not everything in the USA went smoothly from the outset. As California does not recognise the German driving licence, Gerald Jung had to take his driving test all over again. And paying rent by cheque instead of a standing order was a bit strange at first. He also rapidly got used to the fact that there’s an app for everything – something which reflects the proximity of Silicon Valley.

The Californian lifestyle also has a few surprises in store: “Life is very healthy here – unavoidably so,” he explains with a grin. “There's raw kale salad everywhere; it's very popular right now over here.”

McKesson Corporation, San Francisco, USA, is the majority shareholder in Celesio AG. McKesson provides solutions that include pharmaceutical and medical-surgical supply management, healthcare information technology, and business and clinical services.