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We’re going neutral. Our way to a Better Climate.

McKesson Europe has decided to increase its action against climate change and has therefore set a carbon reduction target: We’re going neutral. On our way to a Better Climate, we are committed to reducing our carbon emissions (CO2) by 2030.

McKesson Europe is playing a key role in delivering healthcare in many countries. For us, the way we do business is as important as what we do.  We care for people and the planet we live on, so our next step is making a clear contribution towards a low carbon society.

As a leading pharmaceutical distributor and retail pharmacy company, McKesson Europe has an impact on the environment: Around 60% of our carbon emissions stem from the thousands of deliveries we make every day. Another 30% come from the electricity we use for lighting, heating and facilities. On our way to a better climate, we will be drastically reducing those carbon emissions and we’ll offset any remaining emissions from 2030 onwards. 

By eliminating our emissions, we are contributing to the fight against climate change, which remains one of the biggest challenges we face in the 21st century.