Online consultation with a doctor is now available in the numerous pharmacies in Stockholm and Gothenburg.
Online consultation with a doctor is now available in the numerous pharmacies in Stockholm and Gothenburg.
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Talk to the doctor at your pharmacy and LloydsApotek are stepping up their cooperation and making it possible for patients to consult doctors at pharmacies. This works just like any normal appointment with a doctor, apart from one small detail – the diagnosis and advice are given via a video link. Thanks to the short waiting times for these pharmacy-based consultations, people can squeeze them into their busy weekday schedule.

In spring 2015, LloydsApotek and the digital healthcare platform launched a strategic partnership with the aim of making diagnoses, prescriptions and medicines available over the Internet. Now this initiative is being extended to enable people to consult doctors at pharmacies via a video link. After their consultation, patients can collect their medicine from the pharmacy there and then.

We believe that even more digitisation and accessibility are key to the future of healthcare.

 Fredrik Ljungström, Marketing and Sales Director at LloydsApotek.

He adds: "When both doctors and medicines can be accessed online, it will be easier for patients to receive care from a distance and in accordance with their requirements."

LloydsApotek is rolling out the doctor's appointment scheme at ten pharmacies across Sweden, with patients being offered the option of obtaining advice from a doctor via a video link in a specially adapted consulting room. This venture is one of various efforts to raise awareness of the concept of digital healthcare consultations.

"There is growing interest in e-health and it is going to be an important part of the healthcare sector in future. We believe that increasing our presence at LloydsApotek pharmacies will allow more people to discover just how flexible it is to access services via the healthcare platform online," says Johannes Schildt, CEO of is a pioneer in e-health and started offering digital healthcare consultations in spring 2015. This service is aimed at children and adults with problems and symptoms that can be diagnosed at a distance. currently has 10,000 users across the country. Waiting times for appointments are considerably shorter than those at conventional healthcare centres. A drop-in service is also offered to ensure that patients can receive professional care within the shortest possible time.

Pharmacies where video consultations with doctors are available

Stockholm: Högdalen, Lidingö, Sankt Eriksplan, Rosenlundsgatan, Torsplan, Flemingsberg.
Gothenburg: Friggagatan. Strängnäs, Insjön and Jönköping.

How the system works

  • Patients log in with their personal ID number and prove their identity using the Mobile BankID system, then describe their symptoms or questions.
  • The appointment takes place via a video link and the patient is allocated 15 minutes with a doctor, just like an appointment at a conventional healthcare centre.
  • The doctor assesses whether the patient needs to be prescribed any medication, referred to a specialist and/or issued with a medical certificate.
  • After the appointment, the doctor makes a record of the consultation just like a normal doctor's appointment.
  • The first appointment is free of charge, after which patients are charged a fee of 299 Swedish kronor per consultation.
  • After their consultation, patients can collect the medicine they have been prescribed directly from the pharmacy. Alternatively, they can order it from and arrange for it to be delivered to their home.