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Tales of our Heroes

Our employees don't just give their all at work – many of them also passionately support charity organisations in their free time. That we have many heroes in all McKesson Europe countries, was proven by the many applications handed in for the 2017 Community Heroes Programme. Now, McKesson has announced the winners. Congratulations to these three amazing colleagues!

Winner in the category: Better Health for Our Patients back to top

Winner in the category: Better Health for Our Patients

Faster than an ambulance

Kevin Burgess with his emergency equipment

Kevin Burgess, an employee at Lloyds Pharmacy in Great Britain, helps with multiple medical emergencies each week in his immediate vicinity. While an ambulance can take approximately 15 minutes to reach the site of an emergency in the rural area of Cheshire, Kevin Burgess is already at the scene within 5 minutes.

Saving time can save lives: The survival rate of cardiac patients is reduced by 10% for every minute their heart does not beat. When Kevin receives an emergency call, he immediately sets out to provide first-aid to the patients in the community – voluntarily and alongside his actual job as a pharmacist.

In addition to his volunteer work as a first-aid worker, Kevin also campaigned for the installation of three defibrillators in the community. He regularly offers training courses showing the members of the community how to correctly use the device in an emergency. Thanks to his dedication, Kevin Burgess provides professional first-aid, even before the doctors arrive on scene.

Winner of the category: Better Health for Our Planet back to top

Winner of the category: Better Health for Our Planet

Sustainable agriculture in Mozambique

Farmers in Mozambique are Welcoming the Norwegian Team

Irene Furulund, employee at the Norsk Medisinaldepot in Oslo, helps farmers in Mozambique with her volunteer work: The goal of her work is to support farmers in rural areas in growing cashew nuts, sesame and crops in a sustainable way.

Ms Furulund and her friends from the "Norwegian Rural Women's Club" collect donations in Norway and raise awareness of the situation of the farmers in Mozambique. In 2015, Ms Furulund travelled to Mozambique to see the situation first-hand:

The farmers showed her how they applied their new knowledge when farming and the crop yield from the sustainable farming methods. Her motto: One person cannot help all people, but all people can help some people. In her opinion, providing the farmers with the knowledge required to engage in sustainable and higher-yielding harvest is a great way to improve local living conditions.

Winner of the category: Better Health for Our Community back to top

Winner of the category: Better Health for Our Community

Heroic dedication at a ward in Ethiopia

Schhol Children in Hoossaina, Ethiopia

Elisabeth Degelmann, an employee at WundZentren GmbH in Nuremberg, regularly spends her holidays in Ethiopia, using her medical knowledge to help the people there. In a ward at a school in the small town of Hossaina, she ensures that enough sterilised materials are available, such as bandages and protective clothing for the nurses there. She also assists in training the staff by teaching first-aid courses. 

Her goal is to provide the people and especially the children in Ethiopia with medical support. Preventative measures are particularly important in a country struggling with chronic diseases such as HIV: Knowledge of hygiene, wound care and chronic diseases can help prevent health issues – and Ms Degelmann is committed to the cause