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Providing better healthcare and customer service in Ireland

European Pharmacy Network (EPN), the new pharmacy concept of McKesson Europe, was launched in Ireland in April 2013 with the opening of our flagship LloydsPharmacy store in Blackrock, Co. Dublin.

This was the starting point of rebranding all 73 DocMorris pharmacies of McKesson Europe in the Republic of Ireland to LloydsPharmacy. “EPN has been extremely important in driving incremental growth of the LloydsPharmacy brand in Ireland with over 70% brand recognition as of January 2015” says Goretti Brady, Managing Director of LloydsPharmacy Ireland.

EPN has brought a number of best in class practices that had not been seen before in the Irish Pharmacy Market; professional training modules providing expertise in key categories: Skin Care and Pain Management along with an appealing and contemporary Pharmacy design with innovative in-store technologies. This means that LloydsPharmacy can provide the Irish consumer with a positive experience and use technology to provide better healthcare and customer service.

Focus on Colleague Training

Through extensive training programs, EPN has developed and enriched the quality of knowledge and expertise our store colleagues can provide the Irish public. Veronica Kostyrka, Manager LloydsPharmacy Blackrock notes how this training helped establish her store as the go to destination for skincare expertise within the local area: “Training provided as part of EPN has really helped my team and myself to stand out as the best in class pharmacy within our local area which is saturated with competitors.”