Automated packaging of medication at MDD Pharma
Automated packaging of medication at MDD Pharma
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MDD Pharma: making daily individual medication actionable

Medication administration in care facilities is an intensive task for nursing staff – on average, a resident takes eight different types of medication, of all shapes and sizes. Mistakes can easily be made and may have considerable consequences. This is where Belgian MDD Pharma’s daily medication dispensing service steps in.

MDD Pharma automates the daily packaging of medication in transparent, easy-to-open, UV-resistant bags. When administering the medication, nurses simply have to tear off one or more bags, reducing the risk of errors and thus enhancing transparency and safety, to the advantage of patients.

Individual packaging of medication

“This way of production and delivery is bespoke as it is carried out according to the day-to-day administration of medication in the care facilities. As MDD Pharma produces daily, not only is chronic medication packaged, but acute medication too. This means that more than 98% of all solid oral medication can be packaged”, says Nathalie Loosveldt, head pharmacist and founder of MDD Pharma.

Currently, 170,000 people live in residential care facilities in Belgium. LloydsPharma offers residential care facilities daily medication dispensing services through MDD Pharma, at the heart of Lloydspharma’s Belgian network of 100 pharmacies. This model combines the reach of a local pharmacy with a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical centre at the MDD Pharma premises in Kortrijk, western Belgium.

Transparency in medication administration

Making individual packaging of medication possible
Making individual packaging of medication possible

Imagine you are a patient who needs eight different pills a day but your medication and its dosage may change every week. This is the case for almost one third of medication programs at care facilities. Therefore, the changes to patients’ medication are discussed on a daily basis at the care facility. The pharmacy oversees the changes to the medication and validates the medication schedule. This allows the pharmacy to develop the corresponding medication rolls, which are delivered in the evening to be consumed the following day.

Grinding medication

A lot of patients in the care facilities have problems swallowing their pills, so there has been a considerable increase in the need to grind medication. In a non-pharmaceutical environment this means greater possibilities of hygiene risks. In addition, grinding some kinds of medication may also alter the chemical composition.

MDD Pharma has found a solution to this by providing care facilities with pre-ground medication in capsules so the nurses only have to open the capsules in a hygienic way and mix the medication with a specially developed liquid, which is available in banana or raspberry jelly flavour.

Digitally enabled solution

Automated individual packaging of medication in transparent bags at MDD Pharma
Automated individual packaging of medication in transparent bags at MDD Pharma

Automation is at the heart of the MDD Pharma solution. The use of tailor-made software allows the automation of the pharmaceutical process; control robots use 3D photo scans to confirm the accuracy of the medication strips, reducing the margin of error to zero. Digital technology enables the delivery of supplementary services in the management of medical schemes, where updates can be performed daily, 24/7.

“Improving the efficiency of residential care facilities is a key driver as both healthcare costs constraints and an ageing population continue to fuel the need for a more effective yet safe medication dispensing process”, explains Gilles Jourquin, Marketing & Sales Director at LloydsPharma Belgium.