Each team took a picture of the moment.
Each team took a picture of the moment.
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MAKE-A-WISH celebrates 35th anniversary

OCP Portugal supports a better life experience.

MAKE-A-WISH is a Portugese foundation with the mission of granting wishes to children and young people between 3 and 18 years old with severe, progressive, degenerative or malignant diseases, to bring them a moment of joy and hope.

Currently MAKE-A-WISH has partnerships with pediatric services of all district hospitals of the country. For sick children, seeing their wishes come true means that everything is possible. They regain hope and strength to keep on fighting. And of course it means forgetting their illnesses for a while and being just kids. It is a positive life-experience for children, their families and the entire community.

OCP Portugal has sponsored this project and will develop in partnership with MAKE-A-WISH some of the actions promoted by the Foundation.

Most unique Make-A-Wish constellation

On the 29 April 2015, Make-A-Wish celebrated 35 years since the completion of the first wish Make-A-Wish, and set a challenge to all companies in Portugal that are associated with this project:  Creating the largest and most unique Make-A-Wish constellation, among employees in each company location.

On that day, OCP Portugal employees wore a blue piece of cloth. They stuck on their clothes a Make-A-Wish star sticker, previously acquired. They finally gathered at each OCP Portugal location, forming creative and original constellations.