LloydsApotek pilots on-site medical checks

In cooperation with medical care provider KRY, LloydsApotek in Sweden has recently launched its expanded customer service portfolio with complementary health checks being performed on-site – a service that significantly accelerates the medical check-up process.

img - KRY Sweden

Already since 2015, our customers in Sweden benefit from our collaboration with medical care provider KRY. Via their smartphones, tablets, computers or in special medical rooms in LloydsApotek pharmacies, they can make use of digital appointments with doctors for online consultations. While this diagnosis is limited to what can be analysed during a video conference, a new service has started into the pilot phase at the end of January 2018: At three pharmacies in Southern Sweden, customers can take special health tests on-site, complementing their virtual doctor’s advice.

Range of quick medical tests offers added value

Among others, customers can be tested for blood value or sugar, total cholesterol, certain infections or influenza. For this, pharmacy staff receives special training in carefully conducting those check-ups and handling the medical equipment. Once the test has been completed, a doctor from KRY will receive the results and contact the patient via the KRY app or phone. If a prescription is necessary, it can be collected directly at the LloydsApotek pharmacy. As test results will be available within 15 minutes, this drastically shortens waiting times and offers real added value to our customers. Additionally, this service is available seven days a week during pharmacy opening hours – making it more flexible than your typical doctor’s appointment.

With this offer, we are strengthening our role in the healthcare value chain. With our presence and availability around the country, we can complement the traditional healthcare system, shortening healthcare queues and facilitate patients in need of care. 

Fredrik Lindblad, Digital Director at LloydsApotek

Accelerating healthcare services

In general, it takes one to two days to get a short-term appointment at your local doctor in Sweden with an additional waiting time for diagnostic results, if you get referred to a healthcare centre for additional tests. This underlines the value of LloydsApotek’s and KRY’s new service: “It is a convenient and very fast way of combining and accelerating previously unconnected steps in the patient process and – in line with our ICARE values – shows that we have understood what our customers need,” adds Fredrik Lindblad.