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Inspiring stories from our colleagues – Part 2

Within the last weeks, we have presented our three amazing McKesson Europe Community Heroes from Norway, Portugal and Ireland to you. As so many more inspirational stories from our colleagues inspired us, we decided to honour nine other projects as “Honourable Mentions”.

Today, we present you the Honourable Mentions in the category “Better Health for our Planet” and “Better Health for our Patient”. The colleagues also receive a grant of $1,000 (in their local currency) each that can be donated to a charitable organisation of their choice. Get a glimpse of what their fascinating projects look like.

Mad13 development trust


Hayley Fisher, who works at Masta in the United Kingdom, volunteers for a Scout organisation that enables UK Scouts to travel to Madagascar. The UK Scouts work alongside Malagasy Scouts and support the development of scouting and local children’s homes. The organisation also assists projects that deliver the objectives of sustainable development and environmental education in Madagascar.

I watched a group of UK and Malagasy young people, all between the ages of 16 and 25, who had only known each other for a few days, walk off together as a cohesive group. Watching them leave, it was impossible to tell from behind them who was from the UK and who was from Madagascar.

Hayley Fisher, Masta, United Kingdom

Community kitchen with rescued food


Our colleague Matthias Murjahn, an employee of McKesson Europe AG, volunteers for an initiative that rescues food in Germany. Every week, they get food from two supermarkets and one wholesale store, which would otherwise be wasted. Together with a group of 40-60 people, Matthias sorts and cooks the food and enjoys evenings with the community.

You get to know great people here, while preparing food, eating together, etc. I learned from that, that leadership is not about “managing” people, but creating a team by providing context and purpose to the participants.

Matthias Murjahn, McKesson Europe AG, Germany

Harman House Counselling Centre


Graham Saunders works at Lloyds Pharmacy Clinical Homecare in the UK and volunteers as a qualified counsellor at a non-profit organisation that provides counselling services for adults and young people in a socially deprived area of greater London. Nowadays there is greater awareness of mental well-being and the organisation offers this service to the local community who may not consider or may not have access to a professional counselling service.

What I like most about volunteering is the satisfaction and reward knowing that Harman House provides access to professional counselling for everyone, including young people. I think it is amazing that around 30 fully trained professional counsellors give up their time and offer their services free during the day and evenings.

Graham Saunders, Lloyds Pharmacy, UK

Sculptures within everyone’s reach


Nathalie Vilers, an employee of OCP Répartition, works as a volunteer for an organisation in France that provides art workshops for people who find it hard to complete their journey of resocialisation and integration. People of all ages are able to express their emotions and their anger through art therapy in order to find access to society.

These activities allow people to be valued by their work or their discoveries during outings, it is very moving to see the development and pride on their faces. For troubled teens, it's amazing to see them interested and open to things they have never seen before. We consider them as adults in their own right and they regain self-confidence.

Natalie Vilers, OCP Répartition, France