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Inspiring stories from our colleagues – Part 1

This year’s McKesson Europe Community Heroes are three amazing colleagues from Norway, Portugal and Ireland, who donate their free time to projects that really make a difference. Besides these tremendous projects, so many more colleagues inspired us with their effort in creating Better Health for Communities, the Planet and our Patients. That is why we decided to honour nine other projects with “Honourable Mentions”.

Five of these outstanding projects were selected in the category “Better Health for our Communities”. These colleagues each receive a grant of $1,000 (in their local currency) that can be donated to a charitable organisation of their choice. Find out more about the Honourable Mentions’ impressive stories.

Open Christmas


Shaun McClurg, an employee at Celesio UK, volunteers for an organisation that provides shelter to homeless and lonely people in the UK, especially around Christmas. The objective is to provide not only support for those in need, but also offer a place and to show that people do care and are there to help.

I felt happy that I could help and support those that needed it. I felt a sense of achievement that I was able to support such a worthwhile cause.

Shaun McClurg, Celesio UK

The life of a female firefighter


As a female firefighter, Nina Perner, who works at Sanova Pharma in Austria, is part of a voluntary fire department. Together with her colleagues, Nina fights fires, provides technical support and rescues people from dangerous situations. Working in the command centre and training the youth is as important as being on site when help is needed.

What impresses me most about my voluntary work is that I can actually help people in emergency situations. The most uplifting feeling is when we are informed that a person saved by us has recuperated. Then you feel like a hero!

Nina Perner, Sanova Pharma, Austria

A new home for the youth movement


Lien Callebaut works at the Apotheek Aspelare in Belgium and volunteers for a youth movement in her home town that organises weekly activities for children between 5 and 18 years old. As the movement has lost its "home" at the moment, Lien and some former members decided to organise activities to raise money in order to build a new pavilion for the movement.

It is really satisfying to see that after years of moving from one spot to another, the children of both our youth movements will finally have a definite solution. For me personally, I learned a lot during the whole process, from debating to organisational skills.

Lien Callebaut, Apotheek Aspelare, Belgium

5-mile classic annual race


As a volunteer Valerie Power, who is an employee at United Drug in Ireland, organises an annual charity run with her running team to support local organisations with the funded money. Each year, the running team has to take the risk of spending €10.000 of club money in advance to organise the event. It is their hope that profits will later cover the costs plus make thousands of Euros for the charity.

Then, before the cheque is presented, we always get to listen to how it will be spent and the impact it will make. This is the defining moment of why I volunteer because it reminds me that no matter what challenges I face, I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to play a tiny part in something that is so fundamentally good, pure and fun.

Valerie Power, United Drug, Ireland

Volunteer fire department


Our colleague Manuel Frenzl, an employee of Herba Chemosan Linz in Austria, also volunteers for a fire department. With around 300 operations per year and at least 1 training session per week the department is well-prepared to rescue and help people or animals in all kinds of situations. Besides that Manuel is also involved in training and developing the younger firefighters.

“Probably everyone knows the feeling of being appreciated – priceless! Especially after heavy traffic accidents and large fires where people’s lives are endangered, we experience the feeling of gratitude and appreciation.”

Manuel Frenzl, Herba Chemosan Linz, Austria