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gesund leben pharmacies are the “Climbers of the Year”

Every year, pharmacies wait with bated breath for the pharmacy cooperation study by SEMPORA Consulting, which uses a wide range of criteria to evaluate the pharmacy cooperations on the German market. The gesund leben pharmacies managed to win top place in a total of seven categories, and so the cooperation was named “Climber of the Year”.

With its “Coop Study 2016”, SEMPORA Consulting has now conducted its pharmacy cooperation study for the seventh time already. The results are clear: gesund leben claimed first place in the categories “Best own brand”, “Best training” and “Best service”. In the categories “Network”, “Pharmaceutical expertise”, “Profit orientation” and “Innovative power”, too, the same announcement rang out at the end: “and the winner is... gesund leben!”. Overall, this gave the cooperation the title “Climber of the Year” in the SEMPORA Coop Study 2016!

On Wednesday, 3 February, Jens Fischer, the CEO of gesund leben, was delighted to receive the awards at the cooperation conference in Munich, Germany. For him, these awards are a confirmation that gesund leben is on the right track: “These top places show that we have been able to convince the pharmacies with the overhaul of our gesund leben concept.” 

One crucial factor in this success is also the exchanges with the pharmacists: “In the past year, our cooperation has evaluated various market studies, discussed the requirements and analysed the various needs. Thanks to an intensive dialogue with our pharmacy partners, we were able to develop the fundamental concept for enhancing our cooperation.” A dialogue that is truly paying off.