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GEHE launches new generation of stock optimisation

WAWI Top has been refined to create WAWI Extra, enabling GEHE to now offer pharmacies a new and improved stock optimisation tool. The software aid for stock management systems is able to calculate the ideal product range for each pharmacy on a daily basis, thereby creating added value for pharmacists and their customers.

According to a study by the Institut für Handelsforschung (IFH), just under half the pharmacists surveyed cited stock optimisation provision as one of the most important services in a partnership network. So it is even more important to ensure that pharmacies are well positioned for the future in this area too. In this vein, Celesio has developed its Optimised Pharmacy Replenishment (OPR) software. It is in use in a total of six countries in a variety of forms – in Italy, Belgium, Austria, France, the UK and Germany, where it is marketed under the name WAWI Extra.

Responding to the demands of pharmacists, GEHE has refined its tried and tested WAWI Top stock management optimisation tool, launched in 2009: WAWI Extra, a new and improved tool for stock optimisation, is available to customers of the wholesaler from April. WAWI Extra was developed in close cooperation with pharmacists. WAWI Extra supports pharmacy managers with key stock management processes. The software add-on can be integrated seamlessly into existing stock management systems, regardless of manufacturer.

WAWI Extra works subtly in the background and is tailored specifically to each pharmacy location. Factors such as location, local competition, customer needs and cost structures are taken into account. This enables WAWI Extra to determine the perfect product range for every pharmacy day by day.

The benefits are self-evident: pharmacists have streamlined stockrooms with a perfect product range. That improves pharmacists' ability to supply, ensuring medicines are in stock so customers do not need to wait and go home happy.