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Ensuring the fullest potential of global SAP implementations

Meet Heike Nowak, Head of Service Operations for the McKesson Europe SAP Centre of Excellence (CoE).

Heike Nowak, Head of Service Operations
Heike Nowak, Head of Service Operations

Heike works in Stuttgart and leads a global team of specialists responsible for the day-to-day running of the global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

The CoE is ramping up to support SAP ERP, and when fully up and running, will operate from three strategic locations. Other objectives of the CoE are to bundle the SAP talents and competencies from across the company and to make sure McKesson Europe customers benefit from and can always rely on stable and operational applications.

Building up and leading new organisations is the kind of challenge I truly enjoy.

Heike Nowak, Head of Service Operations

Heike joined McKesson Europe seven years ago as SAP Solution Analyst for Finance. Her focus was on maintaining the existing SAP application landscape and enhancing existing financial applications.

With a wealth of SAP experience from a background in SAP consultancy, Heike is ideally suited to building up and managing the CoE. “Building up projects and organisations from the start has always been one of my job preferences. I like meeting new people, learning in new environments, and managing the unexpected. In that respect, leading this new CoE organisation is the kind of challenge I truly enjoy” says Heike.

Free time is precious and Heike loves to spend it cooking for her family and friends or doing activities like yoga, swimming and running.

However, her true passion is gardening. “The perfect balance to a hectic day is the world of plants and flowers. If there is no garden or park around, the garden centre is a great alternative.”

Heike is currently looking for SAP experts to join her team. Find out more or apply for the role.