Nina Jørgensen, pharmacy technician at Vitusapotek Torvbyen in Fredrikstad, Norway.
Nina Jørgensen, pharmacy technician at Vitusapotek Torvbyen in Fredrikstad, Norway, is focused on customer satisfaction.
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Customer-First at its best

Call it “going the extra mile” or “added customer service” – at McKesson Europe, our customers are at the centre of everything we do, and our success comes from their success. This would not be possible without dedicated colleagues who live our ICARE shared principles – such as Nina Jørgensen, pharmacy technician at Vitusapotek Torvbyen in Fredrikstad, Norway. Here follows the true story of an event that actually happened.

The location: Vitusapotek Torvbyen in Fredrikstad. In the dispensary: Nina Jørgensen. Customer: A 60 year-old business executive from the west of Norway. Problem: Prescription that had not been added to the database for electronic prescriptions at that point. Challenge: Lack of time. Solution: That bit extra.

“I remember the situation well. He was on holiday, I think, and came in around noon to collect a prescription medication that the doctor should have submitted. There was nothing there. Obviously we can’t phone the doctor for each customer, but I felt that there was a bit more we could do here. So I told him to go and get a cup of coffee in the shopping centre, and that I would phone him,” Nina recalls. From here on, we are happy to let the customer continue telling the story of his encounter with Nina in his own, unedited words.

Special customer experience

This is the e-mail Vitusapotek randomly received from the customer after his visit to the pharmacy: “I had a very nice customer experience with Nina at Vitusapotek Torvbyen in Fredrikstad today. She understands what customer service is, and should therefore receive some appreciation for this. Any chance you could pass on my heartfelt thanks? 

I struggle a bit with “restless legs” and needed new tablets. My e-prescription had run out, and I was in town to collect a new one. A new e-prescription hadn’t been issued by my doctor’s surgery at that point, and would normally be issued around 4 p.m. on the same day. I was there around 11.45 a.m., and it would have been inconvenient to have to wait until after 4 p.m.

She rang my doctor’s surgery, but they were closed until 1 p.m. She asked around a bit, but her colleagues were busy with other tasks. She didn’t give up, and eventually came back and confirmed that she could phone my doctor’s surgery again after 1 p.m. and try to have the e-prescription authorised. She noted down my phone number and necessary information and said she would phone me as soon as she received clarification. At 1.30 p.m. she phoned to say that everything was sorted and I could collect the tablets."

If only Norwegian businesses and workplaces were full of people displaying such customer service!

Satisfied Vitusapotek customer

The email continues: "I am the manager for a group of companies with approx. 70 employees, including a consultancy company that works in business development. At this point I have to admit that I am really obsessed with customer service. I feel a child-like delight when I experience good processes and get easily irritated by bad ones, even if there is no particular interest in it for me. That day,

Nina solved a serious problem for me (sleepless night due to a lack of tablets). In addition, she showed commitment in a calm and level-headed manner, but didn’t let this composure prevent her from being prepared to find some way of resolving my problem. Her friendly and calm attitude clearly indicated that I was dealing with someone who wanted to help me. Her actions have undoubtedly contributed towards my future preference for Vitusapotek for a long time to come. That’s how much child-like pleasure it gave me, and I’m 60 years old!”

Further comments from Vitusapotek itself are obviously unnecessary.

“It was a very nice and complete surprise, to me but not my colleagues, when I received a bouquet of flowers as a thank you a few days later. It just goes to confirm that that little bit extra can mean so much. And I believe that applies to everyone in our pharmacy, as we continually get told how nice and pleasant we all are here,” smiles Nina modestly.