Arnaud Martin
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Careers at McKesson Europe: Taking a Global View

With a series of employee portraits, we shine a spotlight on different colleagues from different functional areas and locations. This time, Arnaud Martin talks about his career at OCP, France.

Arnaud, what’s your position at OCP?

I am a project director within the Operations Direction at OCP. I am 100% dedicated to the National Redistribution Centre (NRDC) project. On a day-to-day basis my job is to pilot the NRDC project streams and to make sure teams work together to achieve our project goals.

Can you describe your career path so far and what motivated you to take the steps you did? 

I have been working at OCP for 17 years. After university, I started as a telecom supervisor within the real estate section and was in charge of the rollout of OCP call centres inside France. After that, I was promoted to real estate supervisor responsible for both the maintenance of warehouses nationally and the construction of new warehouses. 
Finally, I joined the Operations Direction as a project manager where I was in charge in particular of cold chain and batch tracking projects. Then I was promoted to project director. 

What have been the major decision criteria for your career steps?

It’s been more a question of keeping an open-minded spirit of looking for new challenges rather than making specific decisions. I am fortunate to work for OCP, a large organisation that offers a lot of internal opportunities. I am a general engineer, not a specialised one, so I am quite flexible and can adapt to different topics. 

What is most interesting if you look back at your own career?

We are doing a huge number of different things at OCP and McKesson Europe, and no two days are alike. There is a lot of change, and that could be seen as a negative, but for me, change also opens up opportunity. I’m fine with that. 

In your opinion, what are the criteria for a successful career? 

Looking at it over the long term, I would say the most important thing is to stay flexible and open-minded. If you are only looking in one direction and you feel like you know everything, you can’t reach out to new challenges.

Did you plan your career path or did you follow opportunity? 

No, I didn’t plan it. I’m much more interested in looking for opportunities when they occur and being flexible to move from one position to another. My career has been a combination of opportunities being offered by the company and me volunteering to take on projects. Also, I have been recognised by my managers as being skilled enough to lead these challenges. I’ve also done leadership training – internal project management training at OCP and courses with McKesson Europe, including the GROW programme. 

To what extent do you think a career can be planned? 

It is possible to plan a career. I know people here at OCP, mainly specialists, who plan their careers precisely, and I assume we need these people. The only goal I had in mind – even before starting to work at OCP -- was to be able to work on complete, full projects rather than on small details. I’m not so keen on digging into the fine level of details. I want to keep a global view.

For me, though, it’s been more about how to develop myself and how to develop new competencies.


What’s next for you professionally? 

I want to keep growing through managing these strategic projects for OCP and to contribute to developing the company and help it achieve results.

What one piece of advice would you give someone who is starting a career at McKesson Europe?

Come and stay curious. When you start a job, don’t be afraid to search for information you don’t know. And be flexible.

It's Sunday afternoon. Where would we find you?

In summer, you would see me either on my racing bicycle or running through interval training; or with a rope and an ice axe, hiking glaciers and 4000-meter high summits in the Alps. In winter, you’ll find me on my backcountry skis.