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A talented team and cutting-edge technology

The multi-service platform (PMS) set up at Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle in France is exceptional in many respects within the universe of OCP France – not least for its excellent staff.

This business is a cutting-edge technological machine," observes Tasmine Karimjee, who is responsible for OCP PMS. “Good staff is required to steer it, supported by a high-performance team. It's a high-tech world where the human dimension is vital."

Tasmine Karimjee knows the Roissy platform well and was responsible for its development when it was rolled out in 2005. She took over the reins again in the field last November, bringing the experience gained in the OCP supply chain within operational management directly to the business. It is also about maintaining and continuing to improve the excellent results recorded by this unique structure. Indeed, OCP PMS saw its sales grow by more than 10 per cent between 2013 and 2014 to settle at around eleven million euro a month.

Team's cohesion and ability to respond

Tasmine Karimjee highlights the human aspects of the platform's performance, praising "the talent of this team, which has been flying the flag for the Exostiv service for all OCP customers for nine years." Indeed, "considerable talent can be found here," she stresses. "For 2014, we can cite Éléonore Sauvage, project manager for OCP Paris, who recently took over responsibility for operations, and Franck Haffreingue, interim operations manager for OCP Boulogne for six months. The annual kick-off event also provided an opportunity to say farewell to Rémy Quinet, who retires after having accepted the challenge to come and spend his last two years at OCP as team leader at PMS."

Tasmine Karimjee also cites Sony Pollet, team leader and archery champion Olivier Éon, senior maintenance technician. "Apart from the individual members of staff, the strengths of the team are its cohesion and ability to respond. Each box is received individually here, and the absolute traceability of each of these boxes is guaranteed. This demands that everyone concentrates, is accurate and thorough, but also multi-skilled: it involves ensuring that pharmaceutical products to be delivered across the whole of France before 10.00 a.m. the following morning are sent out!

Serving all OCP customers in France 

OCP PMS opened in 2005 with two principal roles: to offer all customers in France equal access to products distributed by OCP (Exostiv range: access to a broader range on the market) and enable OCP to remain the market leader in terms of the breadth of the range. The business is equipped with an Order Storage Retrieval (OSR) Knapp automated system, a technological gem that enables a very large number of products to be handled over a reduced area in an automated manner (20,000 products out of the 25,000 processed by the platform).

Since 2012, OCP PMS has also enabled shortages of high-tech products, accessories, etc. to be overcome as part of the "100 per cent availability" promise. The process of continuous improvement has now emboldened the company to set itself a service target of at least 96 per cent (quality of supply based on the number of items out of stock, quality of production and quality of distribution).