Running a PMO allows Mary to work with both business and IT.
Running a PMO allows Mary to work with both business and IT.
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A rare career opportunity in several worlds

Mary Curtis is heading up the Project Management Office (PMO) of the global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Programme at McKesson Europe AG in Stuttgart. With this programme, McKesson Europe aims at harmonising and standardising key business processes across the Group – as well as reducing the number of outdated systems across the organisation.

The UK-based mother of two small children started leading the PMO in 2014, joining the team again after nine months of maternity leave. She has gained extensive management and leadership experience in previous IT organisations. Running a PMO allows Mary to branch into the delivery of a global programme with new technologies and the opportunity to work with both, business and IT.

A PMO is the backbone of successful project management. One of its key functions is to provide decision support information to the programme leaders and to ensure that all business change is managed and delivered in time, budget and quality.

“In my job I work very closely with the business and IT leaders of the programme, change leadership functions and over 120 colleagues from several countries across McKesson Europe to develop the global solution. No working day is the same. And in addition to working with many different cultures you get a real sense of achievement and pride as you can really see the results of your hard work when the projects are implemented”.

Helping to ensure the successful delivery of a multi-year global business programme is the most attractive aspect of my job.

Mary Curtis, PMO, ERP Programme

Mary’s working week starts and ends in Coventry, England, where Celesio UK resides. Tuesday through Thursday her office is in Stuttgart, where most of the global team works. Balancing job and family life is not always easy, but with some good personal and work organisational skills it works very well. “I view my job as a rare career opportunity that doesn’t come along very often and the experience is definitely exceeding my expectations,” says Mary.