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A big step to the North

André Barbosa, 23, always planned to become a pharmacist. After high school, he studied pharmacy in Lisbon. When finishing his studies, André started to look for his dream job online. For a long time, André had dreamed of working outside his home country, Portugal, and one day a job ad from LloydsApotek in Sweden finally caught his eye.

Not so long ago, André had travelled to Sweden twice, together with his family, and the country in the North had very much appealed to him. Therefore, he applied for the job at LloydsApotek right away. André soon received the happy news that he was accepted for the job. However, he had to fulfil the requirement that anybody who wants to work as a pharmacist in Sweden needs to be able to speak Swedish. André was offered an intensive language course to learn the new language, which was conveniently located in Portugal. For five hours a day, five days a week, André went to the class, which was run by a teacher who spoke fluent Swedish.

Picture of Andre Barbosa
Andre Barbosa

“Learning a new language can be challenging and hard. But it is much easier when you have a clear goal”, said André. He thinks that it is important to understand that the language you are learning will also be the language that you will be using every day at work. “The better you can speak Swedish, the better you will be at your work.”

It is a big step moving to a new country. Many people may find it scary. But André found it easy to make the move to Sweden, not just because of the support of his family and his own interest in moving there, but also because his dream job and new career opportunities awaited him at LloydsApotek. And he has not regretted it.

I really enjoy working at LloydsApotek, and the best thing about working here is all the development opportunities that are available.”

André Barbosa

You can work as a pharmacist, but you can also become a pharmaceuticals manager or pharmacy manager. In fact, André is very interested in trying out some of these career opportunities in the future.

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After accepting a job offer from LloydsApotek, employees work at the company for at least two years. André really enjoys working in his current job now, but he states that he is also interested in signing up for more education in the pharmacy area.

Of course, a great job was not the only reason that André moved to Sweden. To develop his Swedish, he socialises with colleagues at the pharmacy, visits museums and is keen to stay sporty and active. And of course he attends language courses; not only to improve his general Swedish skills, but also to improve his language in the field of health care. Finally, André has some advice to all pharmacists who consider moving to the North for work: 

To those who are thinking about whether they should apply for a job abroad or not, I can clearly say, do it. I don’t regret my decision for a minute. It is a real fun adventure.”

André Barbosa