The new Pharma Belgium distribution centre in Eppegem.
The new Pharma Belgium distribution centre in Eppegem.

Material Reduction

We use a variety of materials both in our operations and in administrative work: office paper, packaging and transport materials. Going forward, we want to limit usage to the minimum amount required and where the use of materials is unavoidable to opt for recycled products.

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Group-wide activity

Conserve resources in daily work 

  • We deliver medication in reusable transport boxes
  • Our order and transportation management combines user-friendliness and sustainability thanks to optimised planning of delivery routes and appropriate delivery frequency of products to our customers
  • Whether in the warehouse, in the pharmacy or in the office – we avoid using paper and printed documents where possible

Here at McKesson Europe, we stand for sustainable handling of all materials in our daily business. In order to reduce the impact on the environment by McKesson Europe, we continuously improve the way we handle resources for our products, our services and our processes. The aim is to use materials efficiently and also use recycled or recyclable materials.

Reusable boxes      

We send medication to our customers – pharmacies and hospitals – in transport boxes. After these have been unloaded and emptied at the destination, the wholesale companies of McKesson Europe simply take the used boxes and use them for the next delivery. We have developed a return system which guarantees a smooth pick-up process. By reusing the boxes for further deliveries, we save valuable resources and avoid the unnecessary waste of transport materials on a daily basis.


Order and transportation management

McKesson Europe provides its customers with medication and health products – quickly and reliably. We are continuously working on different solutions so that the ordering process is simultaneously user-friendly and sustainable: This includes optimised planning of the delivery routes, the optimal utilisation of the delivery vehicles and an appropriate delivery frequency of the products to our customers.  

The use of materials in the warehouse...

We use electronic hand-held scanners in many warehouses when packing the orders: This makes it possible to reduce the numerous paper printouts and save water, as well as reduce CO2 emissions. The employees have all required information at hand, without unnecessarily affecting the environment. 

 ... and in the office

We also conserve resources on a daily basis in our offices. In general at McKesson Europe, all areas ensure that as little paper is used as possible. Electronic filing systems help this process. If a document has to be printed out, we use our common printers which mostly use certified paper. 

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Activity Germany

Turning paper into knowledge

  • McKesson Europe in Germany uses handheld scanners instead of printed picking documents. 53.5 tonnes of paper have already been saved thanks to this method – and that is 50 tonnes of CO2 emissions as well as 2.5 million litres of water
  • GEHE uses the savings incurred as scholarships for pharmacy students in Germany

GEHE, a German subsidiary of McKesson Europe, decided to review and optimise its processes with a focus on sustainability. Their objective was to reduce the use of materials and to minimise the company’s ecological footprint as a result. This includes saving paper.

Digitalisation in use for environmental protection

To achieve this, GEHE digitalised its picking processes in all 19 of its logistics centres. Twelve of these centres have already stopped printing picking documents — instead of using paper, employees now use digital handheld scanners as they assemble customer orders.

This process eliminates one sheet of paper for each box that leaves the warehouse. With more than 17 million deliveries a year, this means that McKesson Europe saves 53.5 tonnes of paper each year. This equates to a CO2 emissions reduction of 50 tonnes and to a saving of 2.5 million litres of water.

Transforming paper into knowledge

GEHE has opted to invest its savings into scholarships for pharmacy students at German universities. This means that with every picking document not printed, GEHE is not only reducing its environmental impact, but is also supporting the education of the next generation of pharmacists.