What is McKesson Europe doing for the health of our communities and our planet?

Together we are committed to people and their well-being: with logistics know-how, pharmaceutical expertise, local presence – and the great commitment of our employees.

But how exactly do we promote the commitment that our employees demonstrate? How can we help our customers improve their quality of life? And how do we ensure a sustainable use of resources that contributes to the better health of our planet?

… by promoting the social commitment of our employeesback to top

… by promoting the social commitment of our employees

In addition to their work at McKesson, some colleagues support valuable charitable initiatives in their free time. We are proud of this – and support projects with up to $2,500 as part of our Community Heroes programme.

Meet this year's Community Heroes from McKesson Europe:

Our global Community Hero 2018: Helping families in a time of need

… by taking joint and local responsibility for the well-being of our patients and colleaguesback to top

… by taking joint and local responsibility for the well-being of our patients and colleagues

Every year, around 7.7 million people worldwide fall ill with dementia – and this trend is rising. We are especially committed to these patients: 20,000 employees of McKesson UK are devoted to raising awareness of the disease and making it easier for patients to participate in society.

In our pharmacies we deal almost daily with people who live with the disease, or who look after those who are affected by it. As "Dementia Friends" we have a better understanding of the challenges our patients face every day and can support them accordingly.

LloydsPharmacies UK
... by demanding sustainable use of resourcesback to top

... by demanding sustainable use of resources

On average, we renew our electronic devices in the company every five years. In order to guarantee that equipment is meaningfully re-used and disposed of in a sustainable way, we have decided to work together with AfB.

Rolf Studinsky, Head of Service Delivery McKesson Europe AG

Farmaco Amico

Some of our pharmacies in Bologna, Italy, are part of the "Farmaco Amico" initiative. Together, they collect medicines that are no longer used by customers but have not yet expired:

  • Customers have the opportunity to return medicines that they have purchased to pharmacies
  • The returns are collected in special boxes from the "Farmaco Amico" initiative
  • Non-profit organisations can then purchase the medicines cheaply for use in their work

And let's not forget the environmental aspect: fewer valuable medicines are thrown away, we produce less toxic waste and do not waste any useful ingredients.

Domenico Laporta, Managing Director at Admenta Italia, a McKesson Europe company