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Community immunity

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McKesson Europe Director of Public Affairs, Ronan Brett, explains how pharmacists can help bring coronavirus under control.

Vaccinations are a highly effective way of protecting us from infectious illness and have been responsible for virtually eradicating some truly awful diseases such as smallpox, polio and tetanus.  As such an integral part of childhood and foreign travel, we may have taken them a little for granted. We may not have really understood what they did or the implications if we didn’t have them.

But we certainly know a lot more now! >>>

Testing times for Pharmacy

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McKesson Europe Director of Public Affairs, Ronan Brett, looks at the COVID-19 testing opportunity.

Most of us are becoming familiar with the process of testing for COVID-19 that is an inevitable part of ‘unlocking’ countries and allowing us the freedoms that we used to take for granted. Whether it’s a quick lateral flow test to allow children back in school and attendance at the curiously-named UEFA Euro 20 matches or a lab-confirmed PCR test for foreign travel, it’s now clear that testing — alongside vaccinating — will be an essential way of managing the virus post-pandemic. >>>

Community Pharmacy and Covid Vaccines

Victoria Steele

Lloyds Pharmacy is one of the biggest community pharmacy chains in the UK with around 1,500 sites spanning the length and breadth of the UK.

Our pharmacy teams are experienced at administering vaccinations. Over the past six months, we’ve administered the flu vaccine to half a million people, and we regularly administer HPV and travel vaccinations The pharmacy sector has been providing a flu vaccine service for a number of years and during this time we have seen the steady growth in the number of vaccines being administered. In 20/21 the sector administered 2.6m flu vaccines in England on behalf of the NHS. >>>

AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine: OCP stands ready


President Emmanuel Macron has assured his country that by "the end of the summer, we will have offered a vaccine to all French people who want it." Such an ambition cannot be achieved without clearly and quickly involving pharmacists in the vaccination strategy alongside doctors and other health professionals. Now that the AstraZeneca vaccine is approved and available to the French in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, it allows pharmacists to be full players in the vaccination strategy. >>>