Our Healthcare Heroes

None of our achievements would have been possible without our over 30,000 dedicated employees in about 90 distribution centres, over 7.580 pharmacies, offices in 10 countries as well as more then 350 employees from 20 nations in our Stuttgart HQ. Despite belonging to one of the oldest and largest healthcare company we have remained agile in these turbulent and insecure times.

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“The pandemic may have put our skills to the test – but it has also allowed pharmacists to show their true potential and allowed customers to find the real value of the pharmacist, who (apart from prescriptions) exist as a crucial entity capable of addressing their health needs, scares and concerns. It’s been amazing to see this progress.”

Reshma Malde, Superintendent Pharmacist at John Bell & Croyden


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“I’m often the only person some of these people see or speak to all day so I always try to stop and have a bit of a chat with them. You get to know them, and I didn’t want to let them down so I’m proud that I didn’t”.

Terry Ford (68), a delivery driver for LloydsPharmacy, spent four hours on foot in deep snow to make sure vulnerable patients got their medicines, despite having rheumatoid arthritis in both knees.

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“The most rewarding in my work as a driver is the fact that I can be part of the public health chain.
I have seen the importance of my work in the fact that I have an even stronger feeling of being useful in a difficult health period. The most memorable moment over the past 12 months to me was the arrival of covid vaccines in institutions to hope for the end of this pandemic."

Joël Cloupeau - Delivery driver at OCP Dijon

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"I still remember the week with the first confinement in March 2020: a complete change at all levels of memories we will always remember, pallets everywhere, drivers who came and returned because everything did not fit in the trucks. However we soon felt that our work was of public utility on the distribution of masks and vaccines. My ultimate goal is to get the teams to work in the best conditions and satisfy our customers."

Vincent Pasquereau - Delivery operations manager at OCP Paris