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McKesson Europe’s role throughout the pandemic

Our purpose throughout the coronavirus outbreak has been to protect our patients, customers and employees. Our teams have been working tirelessly, around the clock, to ensure that we’re supporting the healthcare needs of our local communities and those who are the most vulnerable.

As one of the world’s largest healthcare companies, we have a responsibility to make sure that patients and customers have access to the medicines that they need, when they need them. The challenges of COVID-19 have reminded us all how vital that task is. 

Across Europe, McKesson has been working throughout the pandemic with governments and health authorities to keep patients out of hospital and continue the safe supply of medicines whether they are in Milan or Manchester,  Porto or Paris.  The key workers in our warehouses and distribution network have carried on delivering medicines to doctors, hospitals and pharmacies. Our retail pharmacies have remained open to serve their customers and support their local communities. 

As new developments occur, and new treatments and vaccines become available, we are engaging with our partners and regulatory authorities to respond to our customers’ evolving needs so that they can best care for their patients.