Compliance is an integral component of McKesson Europe’s corporate and leadership culture and refers to the obligation to observe the law and internal guidelines. The objective is to avert and avoid negative consequences for the company. For McKesson Europe, Compliance does not simply mean following the rules. More than that, it is also an ongoing process in which we reconsider our actions and adapt to new challenges and situations.

McKesson Europe runs its business with responsibility and integrity and in compliance with the respective applicable legal regulations and regulatory requirements. Our Code of Conduct reflects our standards beyond these formal legal requirements. Everything we do is driven by our Shared Principles, known as ICARE. 


The department Compliance McKesson Europe is running the compliance efforts at the head office and oversees and coordinates the compliance activities in the McKesson Europe companies . The department reports to Tilo Köster who is the responsible board member for Legal, Compliance, Communications and Public Affairs and also Chief Compliance Officer. A compliance committee with representatives from the departments Compliance & Corporate, Legal, Audit, Accounting and Human Resources serves as a platform for integrated exchange at the head office. 

The Country Compliance Officers appointed in the McKesson Europe companies and, where existent, their teams are responsible for implementing the compliance program locally and work in close cooperation with the head office. A confidential compliance helpline gives all employees round-the-clock access free of charge and in all languages.

Compliance Management

McKesson Europe is aware that the actions or inactions of just one person can impact the entire company. Therefore it is essential for a sustainable compliance culture to involve everyone within the company continuously. By providing target group-oriented trainings as well as intensive communication actions, we help our employees to strengthen their risk awareness and to counter potential compliance risks. In addition, our group-wide guidelines and policies support our employees to comply with the relevant legal requirements as well as the internal rules of conduct going beyond the legal regulations. Furthermore, the compliance team is involved in the creation of a large number of internal processes in order to work towards their compliance with both the legal requirements as well as the internal standards.

To live up to our business dynamic, our self-set values and standards, we are constantly reviewing and developing the compliance program, keeping it suitable for our different operational areas and flexible to adapt to changes. 

McKesson Europe Code of Conduct (PDF 4.7 MB)

Tilo Köster
Tilo Köster
Member of the Management Board, Chief Compliance Officer
+49 711 5001-00