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Our business in Portugal

OCP Portugal is a pharmaceutical wholesaler based in Portugal. The company has been a member of McKesson Europe since 1993. Holon Group is a cooperation of 400 independent pharmacists.

At a glance

  • OCP Portugal
  • Around 380 employees
  • Pharmacy and consumer solutions
  • 7 distribution centres
  • Around 400 partner pharmacies


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OCP Portugal is a pharmaceutical wholesaler based in Portugal with a market share of approximately 23%. The company sets standards in pharmaceutical distribution and has ranked top amongst the largest competitors in the pharmaceutical sector several times. Its head office and administration are located in Maia near Porto. The company was formed by merging ten companies from the pharmaceutical distribution sector in 1946. OCP Portugal has been a member of McKesson Europe since 1993.

“Our aim at OCP Portugal is to be the most reliable wholesaler, offering efficient and high value customer services, adding value to manufacturers, pharmacies and patients, and contributing towards creating more positive lives”, says Rui Carrington, Managing Director of OCP Portugal.

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Apotheke der Holon-Gruppe

Holon Group was founded in 2008 and today cooperates with nearly 400 independent pharmacies in Portugal. With about 90 employees the group offers a wide range of professional pharmaceutical services, marketing, training concepts and valuable buying conditions to pharmacies.

“The acquisition of Holon strengthens the customer basis of OCP Portugal and expands the service offer of our wholesale business in the country,” says Herminio Tavares, Board Member of Group Holon.

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