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Our business in Ireland

Every day millions of people across Ireland rely on our services.

We are market leaders in Retail Community Pharmacy with more pharmacies than any other chain. In Pharmaceutical distribution we are leaders in Wholesale, pre wholesale and consumer. TCP Homecare is the leading healthcare service provider, specialising in ‘direct to patient services’. Median Healthcare Services looks after the pharmaceutical needs and requirements of our Customers in Nursing Homes and Residential Care Centres in Ireland.

At a glance

  • Largest community pharmacy network in Ireland
  • Leading national pharmaceutical distribution and Wholesale operation
  • Over 1600 employees
  • Services for medicines manufacturers through to individual patients in the community
  • Since 2016 we are part of McKesson Europe

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United Drug

United Drug is Ireland’s largest pharmaceutical distribution company and was originally founded as a family business in Ballina, Mayo in 1948.  United Drug has been a force for innovation in Ireland’s pharmaceutical industry and employs more than 650 staff across operations in Dublin, Limerick and Mayo. Partnering with more than 1,800 pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and primary care centres across Ireland, their business spans across three business units; United Drug Wholesale, United Drug Consumer and United Drug Distribution – all leaders in their category.

United Drug Wholesale

United Drug is committed to delivering not only premium products but also high quality tailored solutions to customers in order to optimise their business at every given opportunity.  United Drug Wholesale offers a range of value-added Retail Solutions services:

1. Ostomy

We have extensive experience in assisting, advising and supporting pharmacists and their stoma patients. Our Ostomy Teams are highly trained to deal with queries that are of a sensitive in nature and we do so in the utmost efficient manner.

2. Elements

United Drug provides a sourcing, storing and delivery solution for unlicensed medicines within the HPRA guidelines. Elements has a broad portfolio which is constantly expanding.

3. Pharma Le Cheile

Pharma Le Chéile is an innovative choice based buying group for Pharmacy that has changed the way Pharmacies purchase stocks and services.

4. Pharmax

Pharmax is a compliance based buying group brokering best in class pricing for our partners. Pharmax interacts with dispensery ordering systems and captures the best availability on stock preferences in Generics, ULM’s and OTC’s.

5. ARC

This claims management tools drives efficiencies for dispensary claims.

6. Knowledge Hub 

Providing pharmacists with meaningful insights, category management and webinars to optimise their retail businesses.

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United Drug Distribution

United Drug Distribution is the leading pre-wholesaler and pharmaceutical distributor in Ireland. We manage outsourced activities on behalf of over 80 of the world’s leading healthcare manufacturers. Our core focus is in the areas of storage, order processing, distribution, commercial support and we also offer a range of bespoke value added services.

  • Comprehensive product portfolio - Rx (Branded & Generics), OTC, Nutritional, Specialty, Vaccines (incl. HSE), Medical Devices
  • Our Facility holds 22,000 ambient pallets, 600 cold chain locations & 650 controlled drugs.
  • 100+ dedicated employees within United Drug Distribution.
  • Customer base includes Wholesalers, Hospitals (direct via UDW), Pharmacies (direct and via UDW), GP’s, Patients, Mass market
  • Extensive services capability include order to cash, 3PL, Customer services, Reporting & Analytics, National Cold Chain, Consulting & Clinical Trials.

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United Drug Consumer

At United Drug Consumer we work in partnership with our customers to ensure we are providing access to brands and services that meet their ever evolving needs. Our sales and marketing colleagues along with our trainers offer both store level and online support to maximize the return from the space they dedicate to our partner brands in store.  We use a 360 approach to serving our customers encompassing: 

  • Field sales & merchandising team.
  • Customer Services Team.
  • Customer ordering app.
  • Tailored digital campaigns
  • Custom Built training hub with 2 dedicated trainers.
  • Marketing support team.
  • B2B on-line ordering.

Our team cover all channels including Pharmacy, Department store, Grocery, Health food and specialist retailers along with on-line operators and as such provide a one stop shop for our Principals’ sales, marketing, distribution and training needs.

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LloydsPharmacy Retail Pharmacies

LloydsPharmacy is the leading pharmacy chain in Ireland with 90 pharmacies located in the heart of local communities throughout the country. Being part of the local community is very important to LloydsPharmacy, and their friendly, approachable, highly trained colleagues are what set them apart from their competitors.

LloydsPharmacy employ over 900 colleagues and they all share one passion – to help people. As part of McKesson Europe, their vision is to improve care in every setting — one product, one partner, one patient at a time. Their mission is to make better care possible.

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TCP Homecare

TCP Homecare is the leading healthcare service provider, specialising in ‘direct to patient services’ which include the dispensing and distribution of pharmaceutical products, homecare nursing services and sharps waste management, facilitating a unique turnkey solution for the delivery of hospital care in the patient’s home.

With over 165 employees, 90 of whom are nurses, they work with over 30 Pharmaceutical and HSE clients and each year support and care for patients with over 50,000 visits in the home.

Managed by Elaine Condron, the company provides nurse-led​ solutions to a range of services all delivered at the patient's home:

  • IV antibiotics in the Home
  • Chemotherapy in the Home
  • Self-administration training & support
  • Handling chemotherapy side effects
  • Phlebotomy
  • Point of care testing
  • Chronic Disease Management Programmes

In addition to this, TCP Homecare's Logistics Department offers a unique supply chain solution in Irish healthcare. The company provides a quality-driven, cold chain and ambient logistics service for pharmaceutical products requiring distribution direct to patient or pharmacy. The business service includes:

  • Temperature controlled warehousing
  • Picking and packing in a temperature-controlled environment
  • Track 'n Trace of product using GS1 bar code labels
  • Pharmacy services including dispensing and pharmacovigilance
  • Own fleet of temperature controlled vehicles
  • Fully regulated Sharps Bin Waste Management and Collection Service

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Median Healthcare Services

Median Healthcare Services looks after the pharmaceutical needs and requirements of our Customers in Nursing Homes and Residential Care Centres in Ireland.

Embracing technology and change, Median Healthcare have quickly established themselves as an innovator and early adopter in the use of systems and processes to deliver improvement and enhancements for the efficient, safe and controlled management, dispensing and administration of medications and pharmacy services.

Driving innovation in Pharmacy Services:

  • Their own unique software package designed with, and by, Directors of Nursing, Nurses, Care Staff, GP’s and Pharmacists to facilitate the medication management process between the Nursing Home or Care Centre, the GP’s surgery and The Pharmacy
  • Median is a fully secure system that resides in the Cloud and operates in real-time.
  • Median provides for the accurate maintenance of patient details and medication records & history.
  • Median Produces up-to-date Cardex records and MAR charts.
  • Median offers a fully functioning medication Administration record on a remote ipad device.
  • Median provides automatic 3 month “Patient Review” reminder system alerts.
  • Median can completely eliminate transcription.
  • Median produces Medication Review Reports.
  • Median incorporated TICTAC net for drug identification and recognition.
  • Median offers a full suite of Therapeutic class reports available to you on your own lap-top.
  • Median is tried & tested and is currently in use in numerous Nursing Homes & Care Centres.

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