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Our business in Denmark

Tjellesen Max Jenne A/S is the second biggest pharmaceutical wholesaler on the Danish market.

At a glance

  • Tjellesen Max Jenne A/S
  • 365 employees
  • Pharmacy solutions
  • Wholesale, 2 distribution centres


Denmark has a population of about 5.7 million. The Danish private pharmacy market is marked by a 400-year-old state monopoly. Only trained pharmacists can become pharmacy owners, and they must be appointed by the Danish Ministry of Health.

Headquarter of Tjellesen Max Jenne A/S in Denmark
A new era in pharmacy of excellence

Each and every day Tjellesen Max Jenne A/S distributes pharmaceutical products to private and hospital pharmacies in Denmark from two modern distribution centres in Høje-Taastrup and Vejle. The company is the second biggest pharmaceutical wholesaler on the Danish market. In 2020 the administrative head office moved to its new and modern facilities in Høje-Taastrup close to Copenhagen. Tjellesen Max Jenne A/S has been a part of McKesson Europe since 2006.

A high level of customer service and a low error level are key to making sure that our customers receive the right products, and that they do so on time. Technology, dialogue and a modern and lean approach are core elements of Tjellesen Max Jenne’s business, and in collaboration with customers and partners we aim to develop the best solutions in modern pharmaceutical logistics. We deliver technological solutions and concepts that create added value for our business partners.

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