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Our business in Belgium

In Belgium we play an important role with our pre-wholesale and wholesale business, own pharmacies and pharmacy cooperations.

At a glance

  • Pharma Belgium, wholesaler with 4 distribution centres
  • Belmedis, wholesaler with 6 distribution centres
  • Cophana Distribution, pre-wholesaler
  • LloydsPharma, retailer with 101 pharmacies
  • Lloydspharma MDD, Medication daily dispensing
  • Pharmactiv, pharmacy cooperation with 370 partners
  • Sofiadis, pharmacy cooperation with 530 partners


Several times a day, Pharma Belgium and Belmedis distribute medicinal products to Belgian pharmacies from ten modern distribution centres in Eppegem, Zwijnaarde, Drongen, Hoboken, Tessenderlo, Seneffe, Houdeng-Goegnies, Alleur, Grâce-Hollogne and Neufchateau. The head office is located in Drongen. Pharma Belgium has been a part of McKesson Europe since 1993, Belmedis joined McKesson Europe in 2017.

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Cophana Distribution has been founded in 2002 and has its distribution centre in Houdeng-Goegnies. Cophana joined McKesson Europe in 2017. Cophana offers logistics services to more than 60 laboratories and develops added value services for the pharmaceutical industry, e.g. copacking, promotional packaging, etc.


Belgium has a population of 11.3 million people and around 4900 pharmacies in total. With about 2,300 inhabitants per pharmacy the country has one of the highest densities of pharmacies in Europe.


Today, LloydsPharma Belgium operates 101 pharmacies, spread over the country’s three regions. A total of over 400 pharmacists and pharmacy assistants work for this national pharmacy chain.

McKesson Europe started its pharmaceutical retail business in Belgium in 2001. Six years later, the Group had acquired a range of pharmacies. McKesson Europe runs its own pharmacies under the name LloydsPharma and offers independent pharmacists support through the pharmacy cooperation Pharmactiv.

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Pharmacy Cooperations Pharmactiv and Sofiadis

Pharmactiv, with its support office in Wavre, is Belgium’s second largest cooperation of 370 independent pharmacists founded in 2009. Pharmactiv works with PharmaBelgium as exclusive logistics partner.

Sofiadis, with its support office in Seneffe, is Belgium’s largest cooperation of 530 independent pharmacists founded in 2009. Sofiadis joined McKesson Europe in 2017 together with Belmedis, the cooperation’s exclusive logistics partner.

Joining Pharmactiv or Sofiadis allows pharmacists to take advantage of all the synergies a cooperation provides:

  • Development towards an optimized procurement policy
  • Ability to select the purchase channel best suited to their pharmacy
  • Benefit from a wide range of marketing services
  • Professionalisation thanks to the Group’s experiences
  • Membership of a large, national network of pharmacists
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