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Mitarbeiterin im Warenlager von Herba Chemosan

Our business in Austria

Herba Chemosan is the leading pharmaceutical wholesaler and service provider in Austria.

At a glance

  • Herba Chemosan Apotheker-AG
  • Some 900 employees
  • Wholesale
  • 7 sites


Herba Chemosan Apotheker-AG was founded in 1916 and today supplies around 1,100 pharmacies in Austria as a full-service provider with pharmaceuticals, pharmacy sortware, pharmacy equipment, marketing services and many more. With supply relations with around 90 per cent of pharmacies in Austria, the company is the leading pharmaceutical wholesaler and service provider in Austria. The head office is in Vienna. Herba Chemosan has been part of McKesson Europe since 2000.

"Herba's got what it takes" is more than a promise. Each and every pharmacy in Austria can be supplied within 90 minutes from one of the seven logistics centres. Herba Chemosan is the first pharmaceutical wholesaler in the world to use SAP in all its processes, guaranteeing that working procedures are state of the art and ensuring an excellent capacity to deliver.

Together with the subsidiaries Sanova and Aewige, Herba Chemosan Apotheker-AG is part of the Herba Group. Aewige is the business partner of what are known as 'Hausapotheken': pharmacies that can predominantly be found in rural areas in GPs' practices. Sanova brings a host of healthcare products to the market, from major companies inside and outside Austria, and takes care of central distribution for them for the whole of Austria.

Herba Chemosan is always on hand, committed and focused on the future and aims to provide customers with added value that they notice. This applies to its role as a central supplier in Austria and its proximity to clients, its willingness to perform, its systematic focus on customer needs and the wide-ranging nature of the services that it offers. Herba Chemosan also aims to help shape the future of pharmacies, developing state of the art solutions in this regard in good time.

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