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Working for McKesson Europe

Working for McKesson Europe AG back to top

Working for McKesson Europe AG

McKesson Europe AG is a holding company. Strategic and managing tasks play a central role at the head office of McKesson Europe in Stuttgart.

An overview of the employee profile of McKesson Europe AG:

  • About 380 employees
  • Mainly specialised personnel from the areas of finance, marketing, IT, purchasing and project management
  • Employees from 20 nations

 Working for McKesson Europe AG means:

  • Working in a dynamic environment in the growth market of healthcare
  • Operating on an international level
  • Finding attractive prospects
  • Working in flat hierarchies
  • Having considerable freedom to make decisions and take action

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McKesson Europe AG offers its employees valuable benefits, for example subsidised company tickets for public transportation, a company mobile phone and much more. Furthermore, employees can make use of part-time and mobile work.

In terms of innovative employee benefits, McKesson Europe AG is a Top 30 company in Germany.
This is the result of a study the business magazine “Capital” has published in its September 2017 issue in collaboration with Kienbaum Consultants International.

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Development possibilities

As McKesson Europe employees, you have interesting opportunities for your professional and personal development at all times in your career. We place great value on individual professional and personal further development. Our staff attend the group’s qualification offers for specialist and managerial employees. Seminars organised by external providers as well as individual coaching and language training are also possible. To ascertain individual training needs, we regularly conduct appraisal and development interviews.

We offer employees with management potential the opportunity to take up management positions within the group. For example, we filled around 70 per cent of all vacant managerial positions at the head office from our own ranks. It is important that our future managers are thoroughly prepared for their new positions.

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For years McKesson Europe has attached great importance to personnel work. We are committed to an unprejudiced and open corporate culture – regardless of factors such as age, sex or nationality. Diverse experience backgrounds are consciously used to meet challenges in very different markets. Managers and trainees are systematically encouraged in terms of their intercultural competence.

Charter of Diversity

Logo of the Initiative
Logo of the Initiative

On signing the Charter of Diversity on 30 May 2008 McKesson Europe made a commitment to an unprejudiced working environment and an open corporate culture. This means that all members of staff are judged irrespective of age, sex or nationality. Several hundred German companies have joined the initiative, whose patron is the German head of government.