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At McKesson Europe you have the chance to put your freshly acquired knowledge from the lecture theatre into practice. Whether you join us as a trainee, working student or to write your thesis, you will gain an insight into the day-to-day running of a commercial enterprise during every assignment and can even supplement your student funds.

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As a trainee at McKesson Europe, you are integrated in both our day-to-day business and in exciting project work. Therefore, you should allow three to six months for an internship with us. We know that this is not always easy in the age of bachelor degrees and the Bologna process. However, an in-depth and comprehensive internship often opens the doors to your first job after studying and so taking a semester out of college can pay off. At McKesson Europe, in-depth can mean that you can deputise for one of our experts if you convince us professionally and personally. Join us. You will be amazed what prospects we offer and how you can develop into one of our sought-after experts of tomorrow.

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Working student post

Anyone wishing to make a bit of extra money during their studies and gain an insight into the working world at the same time can be engaged as a working student. Also use this opportunity to develop your first networks for a fantastic start to your professional life.

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Seminar thesis

You have to write a long, practice-based seminar thesis during your studies and are still looking for a company? We offer you the chance to present yourself to us with your subject. If we find your subject interesting, we will be happy to support you.

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Final thesis

Soon-to-be graduates who wish to write their final thesis in cooperation with a company are very welcome at our company. There is a chance to approach us with a suggested subject. This is provided the subject for your thesis suits our interests. Or you can apply for an advertised subject. We would be pleased to make your acquaintance.